Weekly Concerts

When it is safe for our audience to attend all performances begin at 12:30 pm each Tuesday at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral, 660 California Street. Currently, we recording concert videos without a live audience to share with an at-home audience. Also, we are airing remastered videos from our concert library. We hope you enjoy this new format.

The future of classical music in the Bay Area depends on organizations like Noontime Concerts continuing to offer high quality classical music performances that are affordable and accessible to everyone. It is your financial support that makes this possible.

The average price of a single concert ticket is often well over $50. That should give you an idea of what it takes to produce and present quality music programs in a serenely beautiful setting like those that you can attend each week for free at Noontime Concerts.

We need to know we can absolutely count on your generous donations to support our mission and the community of musicians and audiences it reliably serves. Can we depend on you to make a single or monthly donation of $15, $30, $50, $100 or more to sustain the future of Noontime Concerts’ presentation of live classical music? Please do your part to support and enhance cultural enrichment through making classical musical performance available to everyone.